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The words Resilience and Performance are used hundreds of times a day, in all kinds of settings. At Heimdall we believe that Resilience and Performance are the outcome of getting everything else right, so we focus on ‘the everything else’. To be Resilient, to Perform at your best, you need to work on all of the elements of your business, of your organisation and personally, building a structure, a skill-set and a mindset. We understand what it takes to be Resilient and to Perform whether at organisational or personal levels. Why? Because we’ve been there, and now we are here to help you.

Martin Iversen

Consultant and Executive Coach

Bridge the Gap

We often find that in order to bridge the performance gap, organisations need to change, they need to Transform. The gap may be because of a lack of alignment on purpose or goals. Often its that action is not being taken or has stalled. Sometimes it’s that the structure, skillset, and mindset required to perform individually and collectively is missing.

Our SIX step process to bridge the performance gap can help transform your organisation:

1. Understand and align your purpose.
2. Create an environment for change.
3. Create a vision of the future.
4. Understand where you are.
5. Build a plan.
6. Take Action.

Organisational Resilience

This is the ability of an organisation to maintain function and structure in the face of internal or external challenges. For organisations to perform consistently at high levels, they need to be resilient and resilience is created by:

• Understanding risk and having effective controls
• Having a Sustainable Operating Platform
• Constantly measuring, monitoring, and learning from failure
• Understanding that things do go wrong, anticipate that they will, and be prepared.

We understand what it takes to create resilient organisations because we’ve been there.

Organisational Performance

This is built on having a firm foundation:

• A clear and aligned purpose
• Collective Leadership
• Individual Leadership
• Organisational Structure
• A skilful workforce
• A performance mindset

Often organisations are stuck. There is a gap between how they performance verses how that can and should perform.

Our proven assessment and processes help identify and bridge that gap and move the organisation forward.